Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the popular games that people play today. It is a free mobile strategy video game that can be played against an AI or fellow online gamers. It was developed and published by Supercell, a Finnish game developer. It was first released for iOS in 2012 but was also made available for Android in 2013.

About Clash of Clans

The game is basically a fantasy world that places the player as the chief of a village. Your main goal is to build your own town. The resources that you will use to build it will come from the players that you will attack through the fighting features of the game. These resources include elixir, dark elixir, and gold. If you plan to play as a single player, you can get resources by attacking goblin villages.

This is called Clash of Clans because you have the option to join forces with other players to create clans. This will allow you to join Clan Wars where you can interact with other players by donating and receiving troops.

How to play Clash of Clans

PlayAs a multiplayer game, it is obvious that you need to connect with other players to maximise the chances of you winning. You need to be open to build a community and establish online relationships. This is how you can build a strong and stable village. Among the other things that you need to do is to train your troops and learn how to be superior when attacking other players.

Throughout the game, you will be using 4 currencies. The Gold and Elixir will be used for building and reloading your defenses. The Elixir and Dark Elixir are important for your troops – to train and upgrade your spells. Gems are the most important currency so pay attention to these. It can be used to instantly complete processes and upgrades. These gems need to be bought or it can be awarded if you reach a milestone.

Your strength is also defined by your village. That means you have to have enough builders to help you with the upgrades. You might want to work on building gold mines and storages too. Elixir collectors and storage will also be useful. When you have Town Hall 7, that is only when the dark elixir becomes available. As you keep on making upgrades, the more sophisticated your defense and offense will be.

In the Clash of Clans, your village will have two kinds of barracks and spell factories. These are important in building a strong offense. The barracks will help with the troops (through the elixir). The dark barracks would need the dark elixir and would produce a different set of troops. The spell factories and the dark spell factories will operate in the same way as the barracks and will produce a different set of spells as well.

To join a clan, you need to have a special Clan Castle building. That means you have to work on this early in the game so you can benefit from the clans immediately. The game is reliant on your ability to win clan wars so you need to be a part of a clan to fully enjoy this game. The attacks are limited and you get to benefit from the amount of destruction you can put into the clans you are battling with.

As an online game, Clash of Clans gets a lot of updates every now and then. That does not mean you need to start from scratch – you just have to make sure your game is updated. You need to spend a lot of time playing this game if you really want to succeed in it.