Blade Symphony

tw16Ladies and gentlemen… remove your swords… it is time to duel. Blade Symphony combines the somewhat niche sport of sword fighting with a generous serving of high octane action and tension. This game is not a simple, straightforward face-off where two players clash with their weapons. Here you get to outsmart and outmanoeuvre your opponent with delicate footwork, well-timed attacks, forceful leaps, and supercharged weapons. Blade Symphony, then, is more a dance than a duel between warriors.

With Great Skill Comes Great Respect

The game is another multiplayer, where you get to show off your sword skills against other players in a global arena. But there is a deeper surface to this game, a spirit of respect that is refreshing compared to the usual brash and rude interchanges common to many multiplayers. You may fell your enemy in one stroke or be felled in one stroke; but there is always an air of respect and camaraderie after the duel. For this alone, Blade Symphony is worth your time and effort. But the game has been built with other attractive aspects that makes it an intriguing experience.

The Peaceful Warrior

tw17It is common for action games, especially fight games, to have backdrops that are similar to the high octane action that unfolds on screen. Not so with Blade Symphony.

The game channels its Japanese inspiration into wonderful locations that present unique physical spaces in which to duel. There are peaceful garden terraces, lush waterfalls, and intricately designed interior environments that are similar to a samurai dojo. The thought behind this design is to heighten your focus as you take on your opponent, instead of distracting you.

The game builds on its aura of peace and focus with an appropriate soundtrack, that once again pays tribute to its Asian influence. Duels are often accompanied by solo string instruments, throat singing, and piano. The acoustics are heightened with the addition of other tranquil sounds, such as chimes and wind bells. The effect this has on you is extremely interesting. On the one hand you are all pumped up to take on your opponent, with the adrenaline flowing through your veins, and on the other hand, the soundtrack relaxes you and allows you to breathe easy.

An Intimate Experience

Blade Symphony takes you right into the middle of its intense sword-fighting action. Here you will feel closer to your opponent than you have ever felt. The result: every strike, every move is heightened, which only increases the game’s excitement.

You can choose from a range of characters and swords, depending on your personality. The game does not stick to the conventional, and offers a unique variety. The choices that you make will dictate how well you will perform against your opponent. Selecting one character over another may mean more agility compared to more power. Selecting one sword over another might result in a powerful strike but a weaker defence. The level of customization makes you feel closer to the game and adds to the intimate experience.

A Dance, A Duel

tw18The one area upon which Blade Symphony absolutely stamps its signature, is the sword fights. Normally one associates this discipline with strict, formal movements. The game subverts this, creating an exciting platform.

You can leap, jump, run sideways on walls, or just move in a straight line with lightning quick speed to strike the killer blow against your opponent. The variety of movements allows you to experience more thrills than standard sword fighting games. This allows you to stay more involved with the game because you need to make multiple choices within a split second.

Game Info

Developer: Puny Human

Players: Multiplayer

Genre: Action

Release Date: May 7th 2014