Online Games with Swords

Some of us dream of becoming a knight in shining armour, rescuing princesses and damsels in distress, conquering villages, and going all out in war, battling with swords, spears, and bows and arrows. These imaginations come as a result of watching popular movies like Conan the Barbarian, King Arthur, Braveheart, Spartacus, and Lord of the Rings.

As movie viewers, we can only imagine being one of the characters wielding swords, fighting enemies and villains. But games nowadays have already levelled up to allow us to become a part of the storyline, not just as viewers, but as players interactively playing war games where we can have complete control of the story.

Online games with swords provide a new king of experience, and they may even help in developing our quick decision-making skills. They continually test our battle skills, as well as swords skills. They can also aid us in forming strategies and tactics for winning. But in order to fully enjoy these games, it is important to know the different genres and platforms for an ultimate gaming experience.

Types of Online Sword Games

What makes online games so entertaining is the game play. This usually varies according to how the game is played. Games like MMORPG, which means ‘massively multiplayer online role playing game’, give you first person experience in battle. Every movement, action, and activity of the main character is directly controlled by the player, with fist person view of the events taking place in the game. Strategy games, on the other hand, let you control an army of swordsmen and knights as they take on the battle against an opposing army, where you take control of the war from a bird’s eye view. So which type of game would you like to play? This is something you have to carefully decide in order to maximize your enjoyment.

Varying Gaming Platforms

tw2Online games with swords are available on various platforms. There are games hosted on single sites where you can have access to multiple games all in one place. Top game sites like Kongregate and Y8 are among the best sites you can go to for multiple sword games. What’s good about these sites is that you don’t have to download and install programs. You can go directly to these gaming platforms and start playing the game of your choice. Sword games like Mighty Knight, Epic War, the Swords Saga, and Black Samurai are readily available for play at these websites.

Online Games vs. Downloadable Games

Choosing between online games with sword versus downloadable games is not so much a challenge if you know the pros and cons. While downloadable games give you better quality and higher resolution, the software will entail a cost, and they take up huge chunks of your computer’s memory space. If you want quick games, then simply go online and visit one of the top gaming platforms where you can immediately start playing your favourite swords game.